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We are AMBer Pines Farm and I am a  dedicated breeder of the amazing American Mastiff located in South Eastern Michigan.  All of my dogs are registered with the CKC and are direct blood lines from the original breed creator, Fredericka Wagner of Flying W Farms. My goal is to protect this wonderful breed and I only sell puppies to families that are deserving of such a loving and loyal dog. I work closely with my new puppy owners to answer any questions they have and I insist on updates and puppy pictures!

So what exactly is an American Mastiff?



Height: (Approx.) 28-35 In.
Group: Mastiff
Weight: (Approx.) 140-200+ Lbs.
Coat: Dense, Short And Thick
Color: Fawn, Apricot And Brindle, All With Black Mask.
Appearance: Head: Wide, heavy and rectangular in shape. Eyes: Amber in color. Darker the better. Ears: Rounded and set high on head. Muzzle: Medium size and well proportioned to head. Nose: Black. Bite: Scissor. Neck: Powerful, and slightly arched. Chest: Deep, broad and well-rounded, descending to the level of elbows. Ribs are well-sprung and extend well back. Body: Back is straight, muscular and powerful, with well muscled and slightly arched loins. Legs: Forelegs are strong, straight and set well apart. Hind legs are wide and parallel. Feet: Round and compact, with arched toes and black nails. Tail: Long, reaching the hocks. Movement: Strong and driving, yet very agile. Temperament: Dignity rather than gaiety; quiet, calm, loving and loyal. Protective, but not aggressive. * This breed was developed by Fredericka Wagner of Piketon, OH., for more information on the American Mastiff vist this site www.americanmastiffbreederscouncil.com


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